Can an eclipse make anything strange occur? People have it that everything in its orbit is influenced by the full moon. This brings rain, changes weather patterns, causes earthquakes, and can even result in insanity to someone. On the other hand, it·s simply different for every person on this planet as far as a full moon is concerned, some are born near the full moon, others are born near the new moon and others are born at the full moon, some experience one type of full moon period and others experience a different.

It should be noted that no two lunar cycles are ever the same. The moon revolves every seven days but varies from seven to 28 days. The waxing and waning speeds of the moons also slow down.

Can a full moon make odd things happen if you are in the water? There are many misconceptions about this query. The idea here is that if you go under water when the full moon is at its peak, you will go mad. This may be true to some extent, but there are so many more things that can affect your mood and energy levels during a full moon than just whether or not you will go mad or insane.

If one looks at what causes a complete lunar cycle, one may begin to see how nobody else can really tell them for sure unless they try it out themselves. No two experiences are ever exactly alike, so it’s difficult to say if or not a full moon will bring about weirdnesses. Your exact mood and feelings will be affected by the time of day and the light and color of the sky, all of which we cannot control.

Can a complete lunar cycle cause strange stuff in your life? Yes, If you’re camping out in woods somewhere with an exposed sky that has a total lunar disk then there’s potential for having bad trips. And again, if you go during a bright day to any park with lots of rides, especially when there’s a full moon, you will have a fun time. Knowing the moon’s stage each time will help you anticipate when there would be plenty of love in your life.

The best way to find out “can a full moon make weird things happen?” is to ask. Try to find somebody who knows what all these strange things are and ask them what they know about curing phobias and fear before the full moon. Try to find someone who can afford five minutes out of their day just to talk to you. This could change everything for you.


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