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Having sex with a new guy is both adventurous yet scary. You get completely naked in front of a stranger man whom you might know just by a meeting or by a casual chat.

Asian escorts says that the Situation becomes more uneven when you try to have just a one night stand, there trusting that guy becomes the most questioning factor.

No matter how cool or comfortable you are as a human, everyone feels nervous about having sex with a new person.

Escorts top tips to have sex with a new guy

Having sex with a new guy requires some precautions and measures to take. Here are some tips given by Asian escorts for better sex with a new guy. These are:-


  • Do some yoga or exercise:- Before going out on a date or meeting for a hookup, what you need to do is to do some physical exercise or yoga that will help you loosen up and remove your physical tension.


  • Wear comfortable lingerie:- comfort during this situation is very important, thus wear lingerie in which you feel comfortable, as if you wear something uncomfortable it will make you nervous.


  • Take mouth freshener with you:- you can be meeting him at a restaurant where you have dinner or some snacks, thus keep a mouth freshener or mouthwash handy in your purse in case if you need it for kissing or oral sex.


  • Carry a sexy pair of undergarments:- if you decided to look good during sex or during stripping clothes, carry a sexy pair of undergarments with you which you can quickly change and it also helps you save your comfortable piece from getting dirty during sex.


  • Bring protection:- if it is a one night stand or your new boyfriend who is sleeping with you for the first time. Always bring protection with you as you don’t know if the guy is serious about protection or not. Using protection not only saves you from pregnancy but also unwanted sexually transmitted infections.


  • Use proper lubrication:- Using proper lubrication is highly recommended to reduce your chances of any sexual injury or soreness. Proper lubrication also allows you to enjoy our sex completely.


  • Relax:- Relax yourself mentally and physically both as any kind of stress or anxiety can cause sex to become unpleasant and even physical stress can cause muscle contractions which lead to the abdomen and pelvic muscle pain.


  • Start slowly:- going slow is the key to have good sex with a new guy as going slow will give you time to get comfortable and enjoy the moment completely.


  • Don’t put pressure on yourself or him:- putting any kind of pressure on yourself or your partner can cause problems thus relax and enjoy your first-time sex.




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